Murder for Two

"What really makes this show so entertaining is the teamwork linking its two wildly talented performers, Paul Helm and John Wascavage. Their combination of abilities – musicians, actors, comedians – is so unique that they have no understudies. 'Murder for Two' is clever, fast-moving and entertaining, but what energizes and elevates it is Helm and Wascavage's virtuoso piano playing, which is both competitive and complementary."

Barbara M. Bannon, The Salt Lake Tribune


The Fantasticks

"The show benefits greatly by the fact that Michael Ursua as Hucklebee and Paul Helm as Bellomy are also first-rate pianists who can act and sing. They play the bright overture on opposite sides of a hexagonal stage, leap onto it to play their roles or play together on a third piano. With that much talent afoot, it’s hard to go wrong.”

Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times


Forever Plaid

"Anyone can appreciate the awesome skill and comedic talent of Helm, who steals the show, if it has been stolen."

Dave Begel, OnMilwaukee


Pump Boys and Dinettes

"As the nerdy L.M., pianist Paul Helm did a whole lotta shakin' - over, on and even under the keys he was pounding...Helm's rendition of 'Serve Yourself,' a bluesy anthem of male defiance, was a highlight."

Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel