Murder for Two
"What really makes this show so entertaining is the teamwork linking its two wildly talented performers, Paul Helm and John Wascavage. Their combination of abilities – musicians, actors, comedians – is so unique that they have no understudies. 'Murder for Two' is clever, fast-moving and entertaining, but what energizes and elevates it is Helm and Wascavage's virtuoso piano playing, which is both competitive and complementary." (Barbara M. Bannon, The Salt Lake Tribune)

"Yet Helm provides the perfect straight man, a foil for Wascavage's tomfoolery. As Marcus Moscowicz he is endearing, and we find ourselves pulling for him as he deals with this collection of frustrating suspects. While he may not deliver as many laughs as Wascavage, Helm's self-control and steadiness make the humor possible. Helm and Wascavage are so good, it's difficult to know at times what's in the script and what's simply in their heads." (Brian Passey, The Spectrum)

Forever Plaid
"Helm's facial expressions, gestures, and stage fright as Jinx revs up the comic timing and energizes the four guys, all equally appealing." (Peggy Sue Dunigan,

"Anyone can appreciate the awesome skill and comedic talent of Helm, who steals the show, if it has been stolen."
(Dave Begel,

Pump Boys and Dinettes
"As the nerdy L.M., pianist Paul Helm did a whole lotta shakin' - over, on and even under the keys he was pounding...Helm's rendition of 'Serve Yourself,' a bluesy anthem of male defiance, was a highlight." (Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

"A natural for musical theatre, Paul Helm has sharp comic instincts and deft musical talent that makes for a substantial wit behind the piano." (Russ Bickerstaff, Shepherd Express)

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